DOCTOR ERIK GRAY PHD Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"My clients experience a feeling of empowerment in their sessions."

About Dr. Gray

I have experience working with people in crisis. I’ve worked with individuals, couples, families, and children. I don’t have a preferred population or problem area. I enjoy the art of counseling, and I’m always ready for a challenge.

I enjoy empowering my clients with the knowledge and skills that they need to improve their lives. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I see my clients begin to make progress, and understand that they are not as cornered or isolated as they often believe that they are.

I am a generalist practitioner. Generalist practice is the use of the problem solving process to intervene with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. I’ve had the opportunity to work with various types of clients from a wide range of backgrounds. A common problem that I’ve seen is a lack of confidence on the part of my clients in their ability to improve the quality of their lives. I believe that all problems are surmountable. My job is to assist my clients to better understand whatever issues that they’re working through, and then work with them to identify goals, begin making progress towards their goals, and ultimately correct the conflict that they are experiencing.

I teach my clients about how to identify their goals and formulate a plan for success. Although my work is usually targeted at a specific problem area of a person's life, once we have resolved that issue, the skills and knowledge that I instill give the client the tools needed to address future problems with confidence.

My clients leave with a sense of empowerment. They are better equipped to handle the stressors of their lives and, as a result, experience a fuller quality of life.

I’m a light hearted, goal oriented pragmatist. I’ve been told that I’m very easy to talk to, and people enjoy working with me because I am able to comfort them and make their issues feel manageable.

A Message To My Clients

Are you struggling to overcome an obstacle in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed, and unsure of how to make your life more manageable?

Imagine if you could approach your problems with confidence and rid yourself of the stress and worry that surround these issues. Imagine if you could compartmentalize your stressors, and focus on the things that you enjoy. Imagine freeing yourself from worry and doubt about your circumstances, and finding the satisfaction from your daily life that you deserve.

The good news is that you can! And, it isn’t nearly as difficult as you may think. Through a collaborative effort, I will be your guide through the therapy process. Together we will identify your areas of concern and construct attainable goals. These goals will be stepping stones on the path of your life that will bridge the gap to success. We will traverse this bridge together, and when we are done, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in the work that you have done, and the changes will be apparent. Not only will you have control over the issues in your life now, but you will be better equipped to handle whatever obstacles your life presents in the future.

I am a PhD, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with over 10 years of experience working with a large variety of clientele. I’ve assisted clients from all walks of life to navigate their stressors and experience a more confident, enjoyable quality of life.

Are you ready to take control of your life?  Make an appointment with me today and let’s get started!


Walden University
PhD in Social Work in 2020

Hawaii Pacific University (HPU)
Masters in Social Work (MSW) in 2016


Ten years of social work experience which includes counseling/therapy, medical social work and various other forms of case management and community service. In addition to being a counselor.


  • Professor of Graduate Studies - Hawaii Pacific University
  • Clinical Supervisor - Hawaii Behavioral Health
  • Medical Social Worker - Bayada Home Health. 

Licenses and Certifications

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Vocational Licensing Division, Honolulu, Hawaii

Credential ID LCSW-4823

Issued April 2022 · Expires Jun 2025