Family & Addiction Counseling Llc

Our Focus

Treating people "BioPsychoSocially."


We invite family members to participate in counseling towards the goal of supporting their loved one. We help loved ones reduce stress, and create changes that result in long term stability and health. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or relationship issues, call us.


We provide private individualized outpatient counseling for drug and other addictive behaviors. Addiction is treated utilizing a “Safety First” approach that supports client progress at every level; From Safety to Stabilization to Sobriety, we can help at all phases of addiction.


Suboxone and a variety of anti-addiction medications along with nutritional supplements are available to help our patients reduce the harm of drug seeking and craving. We help our patients stabilize their addiction while reducing the risk of relapse.


Adolescence is a challenging but developmentally critical period in a child’s life. We offer comprehensive teen counseling that improves physical, mental, and academic success while building pro-social skills and supports. We also provide early-intervention services.

DISCRETION AND CONFIDENTIALITY - The privacy and confidentiality of your medical records and treatment are of great importance. As such, Family & Addiction Counseling llc follows industry-standard practices for the collection, maintenance, and disposal of your records. We encourage you to read our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices for more information.

Our Mission Statement

One small step today can change the course of a family's life forever!

We specialize in helping individuals and families with substance use and other addictive behaviors.

We believe that active addiction is not a barrier to care and that anyone can improve with therapy at any time. Participation is always a beneficial step.

We practice a holistic approach to treatment affecting body, mind, and the environment giving our patients the greatest chance of success.

Care at Family & Addiction Counseling is client rather than model directed. We utilize a variety of biological, psychological, and community-based interventions to help each patient and their family members achieve and maintain their personal treatment goals.

We maintain the therapeutic relationship and are able to treat our clients at every phase of their addiction; during active use, through relapse, into recovery.

  • % of Youth with a mental health condition

  • % of students 14 and older who dropout due to mental illness.

  • % of drug abusing adults who have a mental illness.

  • % the average treated person is better off vs an untreated person

    Duncan, Miller, et. al (2009)


We practice a treatment approach that helps clients and their families.
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Kristen Sutton LMHC

Mental Health Counselor
I specialize in client’s struggling with depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, addiction, and relationship issues. My approach stems from humanistic, positive psychology, and solution-focused counseling. If you are ready to work towards the best possibly version of yourself, I am here to help.
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Iesha Richards LMHC, MAC

Mental Health Counselor
Masters Addiction Counselor
I take honor in providing Clients with life skills necessary to lead a fulfilling life that is free from addiction and decreased feelings of depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, and other symptoms which make daily life more challenging.
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Hyungbum Kang LCSW, MAC

Clinical Social Worker
Masters Addiction Counselor
SPC United States Army Reserve
My primary approach to treatment is an integrated therapeutic modality. Treatment modalities are based on all four dimensions of bio-psycho-socio-cultural health. My approach will be uniquely individualized and aligned with your specific needs.
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Intake Coordinator
I’m a family therapist with over 15 years of experience working successfully with kids and adults using a variety of evidence-based practices including family, cognitive-behavioral, and multisystemic therapies. I also have advanced training and experience treating chemical dependency.
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Gina R. Ruiz LMHC, CSAC

Mental Health Counselor
Certified Substance Abuse Counselor




Private one-to-one and family counseling is provided at the Waikiki Landmark Building located at 1888 Kalakaua Avenue Suite C312 Honolulu, Hawaii 96815. Building parking is accessible from Ala Wai Boulevard and is $1 per hour (credit card only) when validated at our office. Both small office and family session rooms are available.

After parking, walk through the garage towards the Kalakaua side of the building and go up the elevator or escalator to the next (3rd) floor. When exiting, proceed to your right to Suite C312.  Here is a Detailed Office Map to assist you.

For evening appointments, the front door will be locked after 5:00 PM. Please call (808) 494-6066 for entry. We also provide secure online video counseling for your convenience.

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