David Kūpono Fong
Outreach Consultant

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About David Kūpono Fong

I specialize in working with families and individuals (typically adults) in crisis. What I enjoy most about my work is when my patients find peace, heal from pain and their relationships improve. The most common problems I help with are families feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to assist a loved one who is suffering. I also help individuals who are refusing help and struggling day-to-day in our community.

My speciality is helping families and individuals sort out complex situations, identify priorities and goals, refer to appropriate resources and services, improve communication, understand strategies, create and execute plans, represent and advocate for high quality services. When families improve, they feel more peace and gain insights that empower them going forward.

I'm told I have a calming effect, an ability to understand complex situations objectively and quickly, also an ability to communicate clearly making it easy for others to understand. I don't shy away from challenging situations, remaining calm when things are tense.